December 11, 2011


Model: Masha @Star System
Location: Kiev

winter in kiev

Man selling fresh fish at the market just down the street from my apartment.

Fresh snow outside my bedroom window.

A weekend in Krakow

A woman selling various cheeses in the christmas market.

beautiful jewelry at the christmas market.

church at the rynek glowny.

school children get ready for a performance.

waiting in the seemingly endless hot wine line.

shadows along Wawel Castle wall.

the babushkas look the same in Poland too. you can tell she did not want her photo taken.

adorable city center streets.

Chris and Bri: At Home in Ukraine

the neighborhood.

in front of my apartment building.

my front door.


Rodina Mat. Symbol of Ukraine.

stray dogs.

a collection of rugged boots. his and hers.

the metro I take twice a day, six days a week. exhausting.

Kreschatik street at night.

balloon animals for our entertainment.

traditional Ukrainian treats.